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    Touch's Gm App


    Touch's Gm App

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:18 am

    Hello Star Gunz!

    well first is first, i remade this application becuase i accendently clicked the Back butten on the top of the browser -.-.
    Well have fun reading it! Very Happy

    Name:Muta Georg Chavgoulidze (YAY AN ASIAN BOY!)
    IGN Name:-
    Location:The Netherlands
    Time Zone:GMT +1

    Reason for Applying:Well, i enjoy playing gunz, and i got bored these times.

    Why star gunz should make me a GM:hmm, i'm loyal,Active,Friendly,Helpfull, and doing my job.

    Skills/Experience:Well, i had my own server Called Ghetto Gunz Youre head staff knows about it, he was my co-owner. i played gunz for over 4 years i think? , in 2008 i was in the top 10 of individual ranking i thougt i was number 7-8? , search me up on ijji. Name: [Model]Beast

    If there were hackers or botters in the game what would i do: well i would ban them like any gm....

    Activity: hmm, depends on school days 1/2 hour a day but now i have vacation so yeah, like 5 hours a day onlne? D:

    Programs: Sony Vegas 8.0 : All pro
    Adobe ps4: All pro
    Adobe AE 4 : Standart
    Blender: Standart
    GtkRadiant: Beginner

    How can I be trusted:Well you can speak me on msn almost 24/7 and i know waht it is to have F*cking scammers in ur staff team, Trust me, im not like that Smile

    Background Information: Well my hobbys are: Waterpolo, Running private servers, Making websites, etc etc.

    Greetz .


    Re: Touch's Gm App

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:44 am

    You are hired, welcome to the StarGunZ team =]

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