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    Cookie's Dev app. Empty Cookie's Dev app.

    Post by Cookie on Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:29 am

    Name: Jamie

    Ingame Name: Cookie

    Age: 17

    Location: Belgium

    Developing: Depends.

    Programs Used: HexWorkshop, Notepad, Blender, OllyDbg(I'm not that good at this), Photoshop CS5, And many more i suppose.

    Contact information:
    -Email: Jamie_Vereecken@hotmail.com
    --msn: Same as the above.
    -Skype: Jamie.Vereecken

    Of Work Well I'm both coder and item maker and unfortunally i don't have pics of my weapons since i always directly add em to the server and didn't make pics lol.. i'll give a link at the end to the .dds and .elu files. I'll also add 2 pictures of loading screens that I made for the previous gunZ i was Developer on.

    Activity & timezone: TimeZone: GMT +1, Activity: I'm on every day.

    What can you do for SG: Make weapons, code files, add weapons, add clothes, I also know a thing or two of MSSQL and Wamp so I know how to add to auto update and shit like that.

    should you be hired: Hmmm i'm a pretty good developer, I used to be Head Developer For KorruptedGunZ but since it died I quit.

    The categories you wish to produce stuff
    for: Weapons, Graphics, Etc.

    Currently work available for
    SG: U can use my Donation dagger i suppose? I'm also working on a Hello Kitty AK-47.

    Proof Of all Work: Here are the pictures of the Loading screens I have made. :


    else: here's the download link for some of my weapons/Sword/dagger/meds :
    mediafire.com ?ymvu2lymgim

    Thanks for reading :]

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