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Server back up.... I'm really sorry for this noob that thinks he's good. [Please tell me your login and character name and i will change names back]

    RE-Apply Crystal GM


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    RE-Apply Crystal GM Empty RE-Apply Crystal GM

    Post by Crystal on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:35 am

    Real Name:
    In-Game Name:


    Time Zone:
    GMT +1

    Languages spoken:
    English and Hollands.

    Activity Time:
    Every weekend like 12 hours online, only not on sunday normaly I'm on sunday like 7 hours online.

    I'm 12 years old.

    What I want to be:

    What I can do for the server:
    1.I can help people ingame/forums.
    2.Check for hackers and spammers.
    3.Give Event when the owner/admin says when.
    4.I am always on and check in all rooms of there are swappers and hackers i give them always 3 warnnings if they dont listen when i said 3 warnnings they got ban.

    Why I should be hired:
    I am good person and I am friendly. I play like gunz for 5 years I've played 2 years Ijji GunZ and then I started to play private server like now AG. GunZ Is just my favorite game because I just like playing around with swords/weapons. And would never talk in admin_wall only if it's neccesary, for like event and important things about the server(anouncement).

    Previous Experience:
    I have been gm/admin on the private server: ModGunZ

    Other information:
    I hope you guys find this pretty good apply for gm.And Yeah my name is Alper Karakan and i am 12 years old i live in netherlands and i have 1 pet (a cat) named Princess.I hope you guys would give me a chance, to get more experience and knowledge here.

    RE-Apply Crystal GM Empty Re: RE-Apply Crystal GM

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:43 am

    Little bit young? but i will look at your apply,

    *Moved to pending*

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